Refine your photography skills with your smartphone or camera while Enjoying A Unique Immersive Travel Experience with Award-Winning Photographer Daryl Hawk

  • Small group adventures
  • Always inspiring
  • Transformational learning experiences

UNCONVENTIONAL TRAVELERS is a personalized photography tour company that focuses on inspiring travelers to see the world in a new way by experiencing first hand other cultures and lifestyles. We believe that some of the best adventures occur when you are far away from familiar things. Renowned photographer Daryl Hawk will be with you every step of the way showing you his style and techniques to help you get better travel photographs that capture the true essence of the country. We take our guests on extraordinary trips to places unspoiled by tourism where the raw beauty of these places is awe-inspiring and the emotions they create can be life changing. We also go to some classic destinations, but we experience them in a more authentic and in-depth fashion than most other tour groups.

We specialize in small sized tours that will lead you on a magical
journey to excite and transform you.
These stimulating photographic explorations inspire and connect travelers with some of the world’s most beautiful places. Our groups absorb the authentic culture of a place, immersing the traveler in the local landscapes and capturing its essence through photography while celebrating memorable moments. All levels of photographers are encouraged to expand their perspectives and cultural awareness – all you need is a smartphone or camera and an adventurous spirit.

Plan on the following emphasis when you travel with us:

  • The art of engaging the local people who inhabit these faraway lands which ultimately will lead to great photographic opportunities and meaningful relationships
  • The ability to look at life up close by immersing yourself in your surroundings and living every minute in the present moment learning to use your smartphone or camera as a tool to slow down the world around you; you will learn to look for dramatic light, find strong subject matter for compelling compositions, and creating spontaneity in situations when the opportunity arises.
  • The art of telling stories with your smartphone or camera, shooting an in-depth documentary with the perfect combination of people, landscapes, architecture and wildlife.

5 percent of all proceeds will go towards helping to feed hungry families in desperate need at this time.

Destination Photography Tours include:

Central America

Costa Rica

South America


For High School

We are now excited to also offer two trips geared just for inquisitive high school students. These are excursions to Ecuador and Costa Rica that will allow teenagers to learn more about other cultures by being immersed within a community while also working on developing their photography skills. We will also being giving back to the areas we visit by working with leaders there to focus on ways we can be of service. This is the perfect opportunity for the mature teenager who wants fulfill their desire to travel while also helping others.

To Be An Unconventional Traveler:

  • Recognize that your presence has an impact on the places you visit
  • Spend your time and money in ways that sustain local character
  • Value the destination’s natural and cultural heritage
  • Respect local customs and traditions
  • Express appreciation to local people about things you find interesting and unique to the place: its nature and scenery, music and food, Historic villages and buildings
  • Support the people who support the place, patronizing businesses that make an effort to celebrate and protect what’s unique there. enrich yourself, taking home memories and stories to tell, knowing that you have contributed to the preservation and enhancement of the destination